About Us

Have you ever wondered what happens to Foster Youth as they are aging out of the system? Where do they live? Do they go to college and graduate? Where do they work? Government provides scholarships to foster youth to go to college, but some don’t go or drop out because they don’t know how to attend college. Government provides an apartment, but young people don’t know how to live in their own apartment. Sometimes they want to learn a trade and start a company, but they don’t know where to start or how to get the capital.


Yuls Foundation for Foster Youth will create a structure that will allow anyone to donate to a coaching/mentoring fund. All foster care organizations or young people themselves can directly apply for a tax-free grant or participate in the coaching/mentoring program(s).


Our Mission

We, at Yuls Foundation for Foster Youth, want to inspire hope and enthusiasm in Foster Youth communities by providing financial support through charitable grants and offering valuable mentoring opportunities. Our goal is to become the nation’s leading foundation for Foster Youth ages 14-21 that offers support through grants and the largest network of providers.  We hope to build a strong community of people actively demonstrating compassion and understanding through generous donations and volunteering.

Yuls Story

I was born in the Soviet Union and, despite the living challenges, I was blessed with a set of wonderful parents and a great deal of relatives! I never had to worry about having a meal on the table or a place to sleep.


At the curious age of 5, I had to transition to a new daycare for kids with impaired vision, and that’s when I noticed the kids at the building next door who never left the premises. It was an orphanage, it was their home. There was no mom or dad holding their hand and giving them a piece of candy at pickup. That realization was brutal, and it planted a seed.

I moved to the United States when I was nineteen with two suitcases and $400 in my pocket. I still remember that moment of joy and excitement when I stepped on US soil. A new life awaited! Fast forward 5 years. After graduating from Keene State College and landing a job, I found myself looking for any chance to volunteer. One time, I helped a young man furnish his new apartment when he was about to exit the foster care system and live on his own. While his heart was grateful, my heart was aching. The USSR-planted seed sprouted all of a sudden!


In July 2020, after attending Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event, I realized I was destined to help the foster care community. I also realized I couldn’t do it if I stayed at my 9-5 job. In the beginning of 2021, I got licensed as a Real Estate Agent and then gracefully exited the corporate world. December 2021 marked the biggest milestone in my life – Yuls Foundation for Foster Youth was formed to serve our foster community. I have a long, challenging and exciting journey ahead of me, and I finally know my purpose!